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Leisure and Tourism Maqnagement Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4500 words

Leisure and Tourism Maqnagement Project - Essay Example Knowledge of how customers of events industry use social media is necessary so that effective use of the channel of social media can be made possible. The research is based on identifying these patterns and impacts so that the social media can be used as an effective promotional tool. The paper is developed with exploratory research design based on analysis of information and facts. The combination of the survey questionnaire and literature review is used to explore the qualitative perspective of the research. The paper finds out that the social media has huge impact on how the events industry of UK conducts the marketing and promotion of the media. However, blind following of the trend to use social media does not lead to effective results. It is necessary to have a two way communication and understand the nature of the customer relevant to the particular industry. Contents Abstract 2 Research Question 5 Significance of the research 5 Aims and objectives 5 Structure of the report 6 Literature review 6 Research Methodology 10 Research Methods 10 Sampling 11 Data analysis approach 11 Findings and Data Analysis 11 Discussion in relation to literature review 17 Evaluation of the outcome 18 Conclusion and recommendations 19 References 21 Introduction Social media has become an important part of the day-to-day life of people. People especially youngsters spend a significant amount of time exploring social media and its applications. Due to the increasing importance of social media in lives of people, the corporate field also understands the potential of this media in terms of utilizing it as the form of marketing tool in advertising (Smith and Zook 2011). Today, many companies are promoting their products and services through presence on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is rivalling the traditional forms of media and consumes a large portion of the time of people. The reach of this form of media has even extended to the social rituals that mo st people cherish. In general, it has implications for the events industry as well. The industry ought to capitalize on the trends of social media so as to remain relevant. The social media trends also present new opportunities for the events industry so as to thrive well in the competitive environment and move forward (Smith and Zook 2011). The UK events industry is worth 36 billion pounds and it presents an opportunity for the country to be the business destination of choice at the global level. Due to the rise in the growth of the events industry of UK with the recent example of conducting the event of Olympic and Paralympics games event in 2012, it is evident that the industry requires much more marketing tools that have vast reach to people and attract them. The rapid growth of the industry demands equally effective marketing tool for giving the push to the growth and the success (Thorley 2010). Research Question The research question for the study is as follows: How social med ia impacts the UK events industry? What are the implications of the explosion in social media use on the events industry in the UK, as they pertain specifically to the way the industry markets itself and provides services to its customers? Significance of the research The growth of the events industry of UK has compelled the professionals in the industry to make use of such marketing tools for advertising that can attract a large number of audiences and has a vast reach. The rising use of social media and its strong existence in the routine life of people has

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